Services We Supply:

From concept to creation....Creative Workings is an innovative multimedia design company based in metro Detroit, Michigan. I specialise in digital design products and graphic design services for CD, DVD, web and print. Combining creative and imaginative ideas with a strong understanding of communication, I will bring your projects to life which will be deliverd by a high quality service at an affordable price.


Web Design

Creative Workings will not only design great looking web sites but ensure they are as useable as possible. I will design your site to be; fast and efficient for users to download your content, user friendly - easy for users to navigate through, optimised for inclusion in search engines and most importantly maximum in impact to your audience.

Creative Workings Web design

Graphic Design

It is during this step that ideas are given shape and come to life. Using concepts formed in prior steps, sample interfaces and illustrations are drafted and repeatedly revised until a final design emerges that is both practically functional and aesthetically pleasing to the client and the target audience.

Creative Workings Graphic Design

Digital Imaging

Creative Workings will take care of all your digital processing needs including scanning (flatbed, slides and film), photo retouching and colorizing, logo creation, and custom computer graphics. Professional digital imaging is essential for quality print and web presence and can spruce up ordinary desk top publishing.

Creative Workings Digital Imaging

Motion Graphics

Have you decided that an animated video is the best way to get your company’s message across? Text and still images alone won’t hold the attention of site visitors long enough for them to ‘get’ it. From character animation and kinetic text to data simulations and product demonstrations that will visually hook your audience and drive them to take action.

Creative Workings Motion Graphic





Creative Workings can edit existing footage for web, CD, or DVD or 3D animation to support your next show, presentation, installation or website

Creative Workings Audio Video

I accept electronic files in the latest versions of the following graphics programs: Adobe Suite CS5, Pro Tools and Final Cut Pro.

If you have any questions regarding any of the services we offer or pricing information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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